Backup Worries Keeping You Awake at Night?

Customized Technologies Services and Infrascale Solutions Can Solve the Backup Challenge

When virtualization is discussed, it’s easy for a businessperson to get lost in the jargon. Once all of your servers, networking, and storage are virtualized in a private cloud, does that mean you’ll never need to buy another server? Does it mean that all of your data, applications, and infrastructure will be safe?
If these or any such questions are on your mind, we invite you to read our informative mini-whitepaper, Optimizing Backup and Recovery in Virtualized Environments, which details how you can gain:

  • Automatic backup and replication to an offsite secure storage site
  • Cloud replication for physical or virtual backup
  • Advanced byte-level replication technology
  • Complete off-site services and security
  • Flexibility to maintain data on-premise with off-site requirements

See how our simple, low-cost solution can provide the best of both the physical and virtual worlds. To get started with virtualization, register for your no-cost demo of our solution and see how far you can take your data further today.

Learn how Customized Technologies services and InfraScale solutions can solve backup challenges in our Whitepaper “Optimizing Backup and Recovery in Virtualized Environments” below.

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