Cloud Solutions

Virtualization and IT Infrastructure Specialists

The headache of maintaining hardware and software components of IT infrastructures can be a drain on company time and budgets. By storing remote or non-critical data on the cloud, IT managers and company leaders can finally ease these burdens. Cloud computing (virtualization) is a low cost alternative, complete with the redundancy and high availability that every company seeks to remain competitive.

By utilizing cloud hosting or virtualization technologies, the burden of managing virtual servers, storage, and desktops can be left in the past. Also, hosting business applications in the cloud, like email, can add a viable edge to your business through remote capabilities, allowing employees to access company information and communicate from anywhere with an internet connection.

As a Certified Cloud Nation Partner, and a six-year-veteran of implementing cloud and virtualization technologies, Customized Systems Technologies has the experience, knowledge, and world-class partnerships to assist with a variety of cloud deployments.