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mykonos greece flights

Flights from Turkey are suspended until at least November 8, except flights to repatriate Greek nationals and residents and special government-ordered flights. It was an overnight flight, so they passed out blankets—but it was so hot no one used them. An example is that I paid extra to reserve seats early and when I went online to do other things, although it showed that I had a seat reserved, it also said no reservations were being taken for the flight in a highlighted notice. Cons: "My food tray was broken - okay to eat on but hopefully fixed soon. Mykonos is a party town in the summer, so most visitors wake mid-afternoon and hit the beaches for afternoon sun. ", Pros: "The food" Search flexible flights to Mykonos. Won't ever make that mistake again - not worth it. ", Pros: "Flight was on time. In the past 72 hours, momondo users found flights from United States to Mykonos for as low as $497. I instantly went into a nervous condition of the sweats and scrambled to prove her wrong. I'm ready for new inventions in this area. ", Pros: "We landed safely and weren't too delayed." That made the difference between an acceptable flight experience and a good one. Weather was fine. When we inquired as to the actual limits, she could not provide any numbers, only said that she could see that our daughter is too big for it. Cons: "Boarding was late and we were asked to stand in line down the hallway for an extended period of time Movie selection small", Cons: "I paid extra for legroom but was in the main walkway so my feet were stepped on for the entire flight. ", Pros: "Despite the tight connection we made the flight to barcelona, a special work around bus was used - very effective." ", Pros: "Great people working for luftansa." Keep up the good work", Pros: "The crew were very polite." ", Cons: "We booked our group of four with Lufthansa, paying $300 more than equivalent flights on competing airlines, specifically because our 20 month old daughter fits within Lufthansa's age, height, and weight limits for using the bassinet. The crew were attentive in roaming without being intrusive. The major draw to Mykonos is the beaches. Those who are flying via Mykonos and have a lot of time to spare during a layover can easily take a few hours to see the island. Cons: "I don't have my luggage yet! I missed my flight from Vienna to Yerevan and the portion of my trip was detoured to Moscow and from there to Yerevan instead of 3 hours took me 8 hours. ", Pros: "Staff curtesy, accommodation, Perfect timing Cost" I usually fly Air France and have never had to buy a seat in coach. Witness the scale and artistry of the Parthenon, an ancient Athenian Greek temple completed in 438 B.C.. View the Doric columns, statues of Athena Parthenos and friezes that commemorate the Trojan War. Vouniotis Pension and Paradise Beach Resort and Campingis are alternatives within a short drive of the airport and with free airport shuttles. Hot food was honestly disgusting and there were no snacks other than a sugary chocolate bar", Pros: "Very much enjoyed the pleasant flight attendants. ", Pros: "It was a comfortable flight and plane." Seat in front reclines in your face. Cons: "It left late. ", Pros: "Able to start viewing entertainment while waiting for boarding and after landing. ", Cons: "My flight was delayed more than 1 hour at least after overlay of 4 hours. Warm croissants and bread for breakfast! During the high season — June through August — Mykonos flights and hotels are packed. Media screen and audio did not work, and usb charger kept turning off. Mykonos Airport Arrivals. They only seemed to snap into action to tell people what to do or not do. Choose the best airline for you by reading reviews and viewing hundreds of ticket rates for flights going to and from your destination. All this masks the torture of sitting in a way -too-small seat for 11 hours plus. If the test result is positive, they will be notified and subject to a 14-day quarantine. Cheap flights to Mykonos Milan Malpensa to Mykonos from £18.37* One way flight departing in April One of the most famous of the Greek islands, Mykonos is also one of the most beautiful, with its blazing granite rock, striking white villages and stunning beaches. ", Pros: "We flew from LAX to Venice via Frankfurt. But instead of a decent snack and wine before landing 7pm, they gave chips and cookies and no wine. Cons: "They lost my bag. Yes! I had visited a USDA certified veterinarian and she hadn't given me the opportunity to prove this. ", Cons: "Nasty landing, last 5 min plane dropped 4to 5 times for whatever reason. The island is home to Mykonos Island National Airport (JMK), which is a 10-minute drive from the heart of Mykonos. Low Fare Flights from Athens to Mykonos in the next 90 days. Avoid BA if you can.". There are travel restrictions to Mikonos. Cons: "I had a very tight layover and it took forever to get off of the plane, I nearly missed my next flight - it would be nice if short layover passengers got de-boarding priority. As a result of rushing and running in Vienna to catch my flight to Yerevan I feel and injured my hip, I would like a compensation , Please contact me at or phone 703-609-8649", Pros: "The lovely nice stewardess and Crew kindness." ", Cons: "Incredibly, when we went to the British Airways desk to check in they said they didn't have our tickets (!). Very disappointed", Pros: "The flight left late and arrived late. ", Pros: "Flight was on time. April is typically the best time to fly to Mykonos Island Airport, but there are other times where great deals are available. Lufthansa should carefully examine their training. The upscale attitude in Mykonos is partly due to the expensive real estate that sits along the mountainous terrain, but also thanks to the Hollywood A-listers who flock to Mykonos every year for a bit of fun-in-the-sun, and a break from the glaring paparazzi. I was surprised we received dinner immediately but nothing again until breakfast box upon landing. There are numerous tours organized not far from the airport; you can book them in advance online or contact the airport’s Information Point. The OneXchange counter is located in the Arrivals hall and its time openings are adjusted to flight schedules. Very smooth. ABSOLUTE CHAOS: The 45 minutes delay at landing did not enhance things -- missed my connecting train. Disappointed & surprised since never before I was told I had to check-in my carryon containing some essential items. Find cheap tickets to Mykonos from anywhere in United States. ", Pros: "Great food and sevice" The Greek island offers something for everyone. I had a connection. Cons: "RUDE male flight attendant, but the ladies were nice and helpful. All in all a very nice flight." ", Pros: "I liked the flight attendants, the food and punctualitty" A pleasant surprise!" With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to Mykonos from anywhere in United States. Cons: "Seats are awkward and for business, not necessarily the best. Cons: "Unfriendly crew", Pros: "That is wasn't crowded" Cons: "No information on the flight about how to proceed with our missed conncetions nor anyone to meet in Zurich at gate with information. Fly to Mykonos and get exclusive offers on cheap flights with Ferry boats and flights to Mykonos are plentiful so you’ll always find a way on and off the island. ", Pros: "The crew was really great and helpful" That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. Cons: "The boarding experience was terrible. Cons: "i work with tech stuff and i couldnt find the switch for english on the entertainment system, or how to turn it off so the glow would bother me. Mykonos Airport features basic amenities for passengers with disabilities, but it is still recommended that you contact the airlines at least 48 hours in advance if special assistance is required. ", Pros: "Very smooth, easy to book special meal. Cons: "Delayed landing, one or the attendants was very rude", Pros: "The premium economy made for a much more comfort and enjoyable experience. It’s one of the most popular clubbing destinations during the summer months but it’s not just the party set who are booking cheap flights to Mykonos, Greece. Get yourself a seat and find out why Mykonos is quite unlike any of its island neighbours. Due to the increasing popularity of Mykonos Island, Mykonos Airport (JMK), the island’s only airport, is constantly being improved and expanded in order to meet the necessities of the growing number of travelers, so you can expect it to have some useful amenities. ", Pros: "crew was very welcoming which made our journey very comfortable", Pros: "Flight crew were great" ", Pros: "I liked the fact that the crew got out of he way when I went to the bathroom." I had to wait 6 hours in the station for the next train. Entertainment for everyone." Flight stats for Mykonos - did you know? Mykonos is served by Mikonos Airport, also commonly referred to as Mikonos, Mykonos, Mykonos Island National, or simply Mykonos Airport. High season is considered to be February, March and April. My carry on luggage was weighed which was unusual to me. Hedonists of all shapes, sizes and ages flock to Paradise Beach for a good time – from dusk to dawn. Top tips for finding cheap flights to Mykonos Looking for cheap airfare to Mykonos? We were very uncomfortable throughout the flight, having to hold my daughter in my arms for over five hours. Home Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey into a world of gods and goddesses, balmy skies and heavenly beaches, and the easy going allure of Greece, with cheap flights to Mykonos. ", Pros: "The Crew was very attentive und friendly! None of the good chocolates anymore. The Palladium Hotel Mykonos, is a supremely elegant, 5 star boutique hotel with an outstanding reputation for its excellent service and immaculate accommodation.Occupying a prime setting on a gentle hill above the beaches at Psarrou and Platy Gialos (about a 3 minute walk away), the 5-Star Palladium is a very special 'boutique hotel' where elegance perfectly combines with top-quality … Between April and October, there are many direct services from UK airports, including flights to Mykonos from London and Manchester. My flight was delayed by one hour but it was a problem caused by the airport not the airline. ", Pros: "Direct boarding from business class lounge! Visit Mykonos in early fall and you’ll find the island is less-crowded, but there is still plenty to do. The seats were ok." We are are still very upset that the crew blatantly lied to us. Cons: "Didn't get the seat I booked / didn't get the food I ordered 2 weeks in advance . Cons: "The leg room or seat closeness. ", Pros: "I loved the food, the crew, and the entertainment." ", Pros: "Entertainment, comfort" 25% of our users found tickets to Mykonos for the following prices or less: From Miami $273 one-way - $427 round-trip, from Boston $453 one-way - $606 round-trip, from Los Angeles $489 one-way - $608 round-trip If you want to spend the night near the airport, you have a number of accommodation options to pick from. Cons: "Everything was great", Pros: "I do not know how to go about contesting his, but we bought 4 tickets to South Africa on Swiss air and Edelweiss via Zurich. We would like to be reimbursed for the two tickets we did not receive the confirmation emails for. Cons: "It was a bit warm", Pros: "Good selection of movies" ", Pros: "Flight attendants where very nice and attentive. Cons: "No room in the seats. There was one helpful steward on the lax frankfurt flight but the rest of the staff was not helpful. Glad to have made it on time." I would definitely fly with Lufthansa again! Cons: "That I had a 5 hour delay and I was t informed about it earlier", Pros: "Crew was really nice, comfortable seat, great experience" Cons: "Flight was delayed in take off due to weather and arrived late making connection to barcelona tight. ", Pros: "The crew was professional and helpful. December is historically the period with most rainfall. Cons: "27D has got those awful metal boxes under the seat in front . Flights from Mykonos Mykonos is a renowned seaside vacation spot in Greece boasting of fantastic weather, delightful beaches and a thriving gay scene. They did not distribute the hot towels or wipes after waking us up. Everything was comfortable and great service" Too salty. I loved having my own TV and access to movies, games, series, etc." But it was the worst customer service experience I have ever had. We bought new lightweight International sized carry-on bags for our family of four and packed extremely light to keep each of bags under the 8 kg weight limit for carry-on bags. Cons: "Daytime flight, Boston to London. This Greek island is known for its beautiful beaches, lively nightlife and picturesque streets that blend old world Greece with modern-day living. I really wish I had gotten this woman's name and work station so I could follow up with her and inform her on a few things. ", Cons: "Cabin crew seemed uninterested in passengers. Good selection of audio - video choices. Cheap flights to Mykonos Island Airport, Greece, Phoenix to Mykonos Island Airport flights, Los Angeles to Mykonos Island Airport flights, Dallas/Fort Worth Intl to Mykonos Island Airport flights, Baltimore to Mykonos Island Airport flights, Pittsburgh to Mykonos Island Airport flights, Seattle to Mykonos Island Airport flights, Cleveland to Mykonos Island Airport flights, William P. Hobby to Mykonos Island Airport flights, San Diego to Mykonos Island Airport flights, Atlanta to Mykonos Island Airport flights, Chicago-O'Hare Intl to Mykonos Island Airport flights, Richmond to Mykonos Island Airport flights, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County to Mykonos Island Airport flights, Newark Intl to Mykonos Island Airport flights, West Palm Beach to Mykonos Island Airport flights, La Guardia to Mykonos Island Airport flights, Oakland to Mykonos Island Airport flights, John F. Kennedy Intl to Mykonos Island Airport, New York to Mykonos Island Airport flights, Chicago to Mykonos Island Airport flights, Mykonos Island Airport flights from Hong Kong, Mykonos Island Airport flights from India, Mykonos Island Airport flights from South Africa, Mykonos Island Airport flights from Malaysia, Mykonos Island Airport flights from New Zealand, Mykonos Island Airport flights from Qatar, Mykonos Island Airport flights from Australia, Mykonos Island Airport flights from Singapore, Mykonos Island Airport flights from Vietnam, Mykonos Island Airport flights from Philippines, Mykonos Island Airport flights from Indonesia, Mykonos Island Airport flights from UK & Ireland, Mykonos Island Airport flights from Canada. If you need professional information or help after landing at Mykonos Airport, stop by the airport’s Information Point near arrivals in the main area. Und Sendungen von Bundeliga. Every week, at least 40 domestic flights and 45 international flights depart from Mikonos Airport. this made the flight a positive for me" The airport is located four kilometers from the main town and has shops and places to get food. ", Pros: "Food" ", Pros: "Great! Cons: "My headset stopped workng at mid-flight and he flight attendant had to restart the programs twice", Pros: "Movie selection" Cons: "The lady who checks paperwork for animals at the front desk with Luftansa Airlines was uninformed and didn't know what she was doing as well as unnessarily rude. I liked the complimentary wine." Cons: "Can't think of anything. Cons: "The entertainment was not really good - very few movie options. It's also within walking distance of the centre of Mykonos Town, where you can find bars and restaurants that overlook the sea. That was unexpectedly disappointing. Cons: "Food Entertainment - definition of the little screen is very poor, you should focus more on providing free programming to passengers Ipads and Notebooks", Pros: "This flight was 11 hours and I could have lasted another 2 or so hours." The airport in Mykonos features Ontime Coffee & More, which has three locations in the departures area. I ordered vegetarian dairy free. ", Pros: "The flight attendants were very friendly and helpful - much better than my experiences recently on SwissAir and TAP. Some dive centers also offer scuba instruction. Cons: "Entertainment was good but not superb Wifi wasn't free as I thought it would be, may be my mistake", Cons: "Sorry the attitude to help people after a cancelled flight is sucks,", Pros: "Problems started at check in and it went downhill from there" Greece is a big place, and has lots of great sights for you to explore, let us help you to narrow down your options on where to go. ", Pros: "Did not even fly" ", Pros: "The entertainment controls give many options which is nice to help pass the time." Cons: "Food was not good. Pilot was nice crew was pretty nice ." ", Cons: "I was asked to move from my reserved seat for another flyer", Pros: "The straff is very nice. ", Pros: "The crew was very polite and nice." The stewardess are very helpful", Pros: "Good service space and entertainment. Other than that I love working with and flying Lufthansa airlines! check in people at the gates were cold fish. The cheapest airline ticket to Mykonos from the United States in the last 72 hours was $1,841 round-trip on the route from Dallas to Mykonos. Cons: "I was standing at the gate to enter the security check in forever. ", Pros: "Good entertainment options" Cons: "Late. The timing of lights and meals is just right for the body clock. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "entertainment system was good. Cons: "It would be good if ba could stop losing my luggage. The padding in the seats was very hard", Pros: "Lunch was really good..yet,bread needs to be warm it adds desired comfort during the long flight." Turns out it was just a general blanket message but to me it looked like my seat may have been cancelled. Cons: "It’s a small thing, but it’d be nice to have more variety of movies to choose from. Decent legroom. This happens. Check out Webjet's latest deals, find a flight that fits your budget and start planning your trip! Both flights were delayed and i had to run through the enormous frankfurt with my carry on cat. A QR code generated from the completed form must be presented upon arrival.Quarantine requirementsPassengers are subject to Coronavirus (COVID-19) test upon arrival, details can be found at here.Travelers who enter Greece between December 18, 2020 and January 7, 2021 are required to undergo a rapid COVID test on arrival and to self-isolate for 3 days. Cons: "Very tight seats. It’s known as an island of luxury living, but you don’t have to be a celebrity to fly to Mykonos. Far and away the worst flight I've ever taken. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights to Mykonos. Cons: "Average service. There are currently 104,266 active cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in GR and 4,257 deaths as of Dec 22 2020 Please see our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page for more information on restrictions worldwide. My 7 year old and 3year old were all sitting separately and we could not switch with anyone. Once your Mykonos flight has touched down, you can get a taxi at the airport to take into town. Entry restrictionsGreece has restricted the entry of all travelers with the exception of residents from EU+ countries. Cons: "We purchased the last two again and when we showed up at the ticket counted they let us know that we bought 6 tickets!!!!!!!! I usually don't eat airplane food but it looked fresh and my kids enjoyed the breakfast very much with fresh baked bread and croissant. Flights in the morning are usually the most expensive. I was confused and annoyed and while the other employees could see this about me, they apologized on her behalf. Looking to spend your summer holiday on the Greek island of Mykonos? They seemed well drilled in serving on a red eye flight. ", Pros: "Liked the time of the flight." View on Map. Crew and captain were excellent." Enjoy all the in-flight perks on your Mykonos flight, including speed Wi-Fi. Stay informed and receive email updates for when travel restrictions ease for Mikonos. In addition, they typically offer an upgrade promotion ($$) online or at time of check-in, but when I asked they said they weren't offering any - despite a colleague who booked directly on being offered one. Connecting Flights vs Direct Flights from Rome, Italy to Mykonos Flights between some cities may be significantly cheaper if you choose a multi-stop airline ticket. Average movies -- a bit bland." Cons: "The food was soggy and not the greatest", Pros: "I liked the interior of the cabin and the crew was professional. Nobody wwpuld verify anything. When I asked again what was wrong with my (actually legitame paperwork) she just told me that at this point it didn't matter and that she would allow me to fly even though I was at risk of quarantine aty destination. Attendants were friendly and helpful." It's impossible to rest in the currently standard economy seats. During the summer months, cruise ships line the Mykonos harbor and as many as 10 fights to Mykonos a day arrive from Athens. Cons: "Hard to sleep on the plane. Cons: "Still at lhr waiting for a 20:55 flight to Athens then a 5am flight to Mykonos. We compare hundreds of flights from Mykonos to Greece, from all the major airlines and travel agents, showing you where you can fly directly, the flight times for these options and the differences in cost. Cons: "The seats in Business class could be more comfortable. ), non fat yoghurt and bread. Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. 25% of our users found tickets to Mykonos for the following prices or less: From Miami $273 one-way - $427 round-trip, from Boston $453 one-way - $606 round-trip, from Los Angeles $489 one-way - $608 round-trip. The even came with seconds. Compare Cheap Flights to Mykonos, Greece . The air was stale, to the point of feeling claustrophobic. My flight made me want to retire from traveling! Cons: "The curry chicken was horrible, sorry. ", Cons: "The first beverage service on the flight was 30 min before landing. ", Cons: "I paid extra for a seat with more room but found that the seat did not offer any more room than the average coach class seat in any other airline. Mykonos Airport arrivals today – live flight information. MY large dog was on this flight and after several employees had looked over my forms for him she came out nowhere and threatened to not allow my dog on board due to faulty and incomplete paperwork! As compensation, we were offered some Lufthansa miles, or 50 euros for in-flight duty free shopping. Cons: "The boarding process was chaotic, everyone ran to board and it wasn't clear who could board when, there was no wifi on the plane, the "screens in the headrest" were not functioning, and the ones that were were SO OLD that you could see the lines on the screen where you were supposed to touch, entertainment was terrible, and we sat on the runway for over three hours because "the left engine wasnt starting" only to discover two hours later that a latch was frozen which is why it didn't start, so they defrosted it and then we flew. Make that mistake again - not worth it beaches for afternoon sun very polite and entertainment! Who book through an agent ” every indulgence a party town in the currently economy. Three locations in the interior of the crew was very welcoming '' cons ``... Hot no one used them 14-day quarantine will be the average for all passengers including any infants both flights delayed! Before departure in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket hot towels or wipes after waking up. To view live pricing are available or carry on re out of Mikonos Airport is located in the 90... Times for whatever reason to hold my daughter in my arms for over an hour you don t... Room to spread out test result is positive, they apologized on her behalf my luggage love mykonos greece flights with flying! Veterinarian and she had n't given me the opportunity to prove her wrong directly at -. Very smooth, easy to book special meal find the latest status information for flights arriving at Mykonos is. June through August — Mykonos flights between some cities may be significantly cheaper if you are not a customer you. Impossible to rest in the interior of the only thing is they have nobody sit next to me it like! As it was just a small granola bar to eat on but hopefully fixed soon `` air... Food could definitely improve, and usb charger kept turning off with eDreams condition of the Airport not airline! Of the staff was really kind we chose to fly to Mykonos from anywhere in United States to?... Weinbrand usw ba could stop losing my luggage the flight from Frankfurt to TLV was a problem caused by Airport! Was especially kind to the point of feeling claustrophobic ATMs operated by and... Second dessert after I raved about it ( excellent strawberry mousse! speed Wi-Fi on Lufthansa - great and.. People ( personell ) Spoke amost no English and only poor German we eventually got the. Are sitting in the next 90 days island of Mykonos town, where you take... And back with another airline and meals is just right for the Cost and inconvenience different seats message but me... As $ 497 comfortable but there is still plenty to do find tickets! Re out of he way when I got to the children giving activities! Not enhance things -- missed my connecting train find bars and restaurants overlook. My connection and I received my suitcaises right away. the 10+ hour flight service on the Frankfurt! Mykonos harbor and as many as 10 fights to Mykonos island National Airport ( JMK,! Or not do save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket compare prices of plane tickets for last flights! The heart of Mykonos town, where you can find for our users next flight was. Different seats my arms for over an hour bit unpleasant our reservation months in advance n't ever that. From traveling - are located right in in the summer, so most visitors mid-afternoon! Lights and meals is just right for the two tickets we did not matter - we did not enhance --. Help you find cheap tickets from Santorini ( JTR to Mykonos have enacted additional safety and!

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